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(7) On Sunday

(7) Romance Tropes I Need To See More

Yep, this i going to be another post dedicated to the romance genre because it is of course the best and because I love it and because romance reader and writer, I find myself thinking about the genre ALL. THE. TIME. So this weekends thoughts drifted to tropes I would like to see represented even more in the romance genre, the tropes that make me smile, and the tropes that simply must exist. There is no particular order to this list as each holds about the same importance and interest for me. I have added at least one book in each category that fits the trope AND is now on my TBR pile.


Brother’s Best Friend as Love Interest

I love this trope so much – because it feels taboo but really isn’t and it opens up so many possibilities for great couples to form, story lines to emerge, and all the swooning I can handle. I especially like when the two leads have incredible chemistry but spend much of their time together bickering rather than admitting they might have feelings for each other.

Example of the Trope:


Roommates to Lovers

Close proximity romance at its best is how I would describe this trope – two people pushed together by circumstance who develop a smoking hot attraction while trying to live under the same roof and keep boundary lines in place to save friendships or other relationships. How could this situation lead anywhere but to the best kind of trouble?

Example of the Trope:


Hacker Romance


One of my favorite guilty pleasure movies from the 90s was the cult classic film Hackers, starring the impossibly young looking Angelina Jolie and Jonny Lee Miller as high school aged computer hackers. Though the movie might feel a bit dated 22 years later, I still think the premise would make an outstanding trope in romance and would be highly entertaining considering the incredible advancements that have happened in technology over the last two decades.


Sports Romance Featuring Stock Car Racers

A song I have on repeat is “May We All” by Florida Georgia Line featuring Tim McGraw and it has a music video my son and I love. The video  features the country duo being stock car racers on a red dirt track in Tennessee and watching it made me realize how much I would love to see a romance story that featured this trope. It would combine so many things I love – small towns, country boys, fast cars, and the potential for some super sexy moments. Yes, this definitely needs to be a series I get to read.

Example of the Trope:


Vacation Flings with a Suspense Element

Summer is a great time to read romance novels with a vacation fling theme but most usually fall in the contemporary category and I would love to see this trope done but with a romantic suspense element added. Something like The Bourne Identity  meets How Stella Got Her Groove Back – a tropical setting, a passionate love affair, and a whole lot of guns and bad guys.

Example of  the Trope:


Return To Hometown – Second Chance Romance

Yes, this is a very popular genre already. And yes, it is well done by several authors. And yes, it is a pretty standard trope. But I still think there can be more books written with this focus because it provides so many beloved elements: first loves, lost loves, small towns, complicated family relationships, people learning about who they really are, and wonderfully sweet HEAs. I don’t think this trope will ever get old.

Example of the Trope:


Nerd Romance Heroes

I will always love a great alpha hero but lately I have found myself being drawn more and more to a nerdier-type hero. I want to see guys with big brains, sweet personalities, and less macho jobs who can still steam up the pages with their sexiness.

Example of the Trope:


I would be happy if any of these tropes appeared more in the romance genre but I’m feeling a bit greedy today so I am going to say I want them all to be offered as soon as possible. Each of the tropes I listed offer an abundance of great writing opportunities and would enrich the genre in so many ways. As a romance write myself, I feel an obligation to do my best to write a book under at least one of these tropes and soon! 

Which of these tropes should I chose for one of my future books? 

Which trope would you like to see more of in the genre?


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