Lit For Littles #1

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Lit For Littles #1The Fantastic Flying Books of Mr. Morris Lessmore by William Joyce
Published by Simon and Schuster Genres: Young Adult, Fantasy & Magic, Social Themes, New Experience, Books & Libraries
Pages: 56
5 Stars

The book that inspired the Academy Awardwinning short film, from New York Times bestselling author and beloved visionary William Joyce.
Morris Lessmore loved words.He loved stories.He loved books.But every story has its upsets.     Everything in Morris Lessmore’s life, including his own story, is scattered to the winds.     But the power of story will save the day.     Stunningly brought to life by William Joyce, one of the preeminent creators in children’s literature, The Fantastic Flying Books of Mr. Morris Lessmore is a modern masterpiece, showing that in today’s world of traditional books, eBooks, and apps, it’s story that we truly celebrate—and this story, no matter how you tell it, begs to be read again and again.

As the parents of seven-year-old twin boys, my husband and I have read the equivalent of a library full of books to them since they were born (or so it feels, LOL) and as lifelong readers we have loved every moment of it. So I created this feature so I could highlight and share the books our boys have really enjoyed.


William Joyce has crafted a beautiful, heart-warming story that captures the magical wonder and transforming power of books.

His story made my heart smile and stayed with me long after we closed the cover.

His lyrical words float among the gorgeous images drawn by him and illustrator Joe Bluhm and create an inspiring tale that is a pleasure to read, regardless of age.

I would consider this book to be a bibliophile’s dream text and I believe  it belongs on every reader’s bookshelf.

My boys also really enjoyed the story, requesting it more than a few times over the weeks since we brought it home from the library, and smiling every time.




“I like the flying books part the best!”


“Me too! That was my favorite part.”



We are working our way through many of William Joyce’s books right now and I will be sharing more wonderful finds over the next weeks.

Though I had never heard of Joyce before picking up The Fantastic Flying Books of Morris Lessmore ,

I am now a lifelong fan and look forward to enjoying more of his works. Highly recommend! 

Have you read any books by William Joyce? Please share your favorites!


5 Stars
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