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(7) On Sunday

(7) Types of Alcohol to Pair with Your Favorite Romance Genre

I am a romance writer and reader so I spend a fair amount of time with a romance book in one hand and a cocktail in the other because that’s how I like it. So this got me to thinking – what genre of romance mixes best with what type of booze? And this is what I came up with:


Contemporary Romance – Wine, All the Wines

The best part of reading contemporary romance novels is that they come in so many different flavors – your heroes can be billionaires or mechanics, cowboys or doctors, Navy SEALS or police detectives while your heroines can be small town bakery owners or movie stars, single moms or scientists, princesses and waitresses. Whatever flavor you desire, you can likely find a story to fit it which makes wine the ideal beverage to choose when reading a contemporary romance because it too, comes in so many varieties – rosé to pinot grigio, malbec to cabernet, there is a wine for every taste and a wine for every story.

Ideal Wines:  Rosé / Pinot Grigio / Pinot Noir / Red Blends


Action / Military / Alpha Male – Give Me a Beer

If your idea of a great romance involves a man in uniform or on the back of a Harley or battling a raging forest fire, my drink suggestion would be a good old-fashioned beer. But like with wine, your choices are many and your selection can be as individual as you choose. But like the heroes of your book, the beer you choose will be cool, strong, and reliable.

Ideal beers: LagerIPA / Pilsner


Western – A shot of Bourbon, Ma’am

When a man in a Stetson, a well-worn pair of Wranglers, and a scuffed pair of boots is your idea of an ideal hero, your choice of cocktail should involve bourbon – All-American, fire water at its finest and the ideal mate for a good western romance.

Ideal bourbon cocktails: Old Fashioned / Mint Julep / Boulevardier


Paranormal – Bartender’s Choice with Vodka

Though I haven’t read a large amount of paranormal romance, what I have learned from what I have read is that this may be the genre where a reader can find the most variety. Because of the diverse nature of paranormal I would argue your only choice is to start with vodka as the base for your cocktail because after that, the sky is the limit.

Ideal vodka cocktails: Cosmopolitan / Bloody Mary / Moscow Mule


Historical – Let’s Keep it Classy and Have Some Gin

Dignified, refined, a bit stuffy around the edges – all of these could describe a good historical romance or an equally good gin cocktail. An acquired taste – both the genre and the liquor – these two pair well together because they compliment the complexities of each.

Ideal gin cocktails: Martini / Gin & Tonic / Singapore Sling


LGBT – I Celebrate Me with Some Rum

The LGBT romance novel has so much history it carries with it I think it deserves an islandy , freedom celebrating, renegade type of cocktail to enjoy while reading and that requires RUM. I love the idea of a cocktail without bounds, a cocktail that can make me smile, and a cocktail I can make my own and rum allows for all that and more.

Ideal rum cocktails: Dark & Stormy / Pina Colada or Daiquiri / Hot Buttered Rum


Suspense – A Shot of Tequila is All I Need

Chills, thrills, bad guys, and sexy times require a stiff drink and a quick buzz to keep your nerves under control and the best cure for that is tequila. Whether you opt for a shot. a margarita, or a more exotic combination to get you through the jump-scare moments.

Ideal tequila cocktails: Shots / Paloma / Margarita

Wow, that is quite a list – I think I might need to stock my bar up a bit before I tackle a few of these genres. LOL. I like the idea of a good cocktail almost as much as I like the idea of a well- written romance and I look forward to experimenting with a few of these recipes this summer. But I don’t like to drink alone – so grab your favorite romance book and add your favorite cocktail – see what happens.

What is your favorite cocktail and romance combination?

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