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(7) On Sunday

(7) Favorite Songs that Tell a Story

I love to listen to my favorite playlist when I am writing or reading or cleaning or driving or doing just about anything really. My favorite genre of music is country because I feel country artists tell the best stories in their songs and so many of my favorites are from that genre but not all. I had a hard time trying to narrow down my list to just (7) songs for this post but the ones I chose are probably my favorite and the ones I return to again and again. You might also notice I like songs that tend to be about the challenges of love and being human.


“May We All” – Florida Georgia Line featuring Tim McGraw

I love, love, love these southern boys and listen to many of their songs on repeat but this one is probably at the top of the list because of the way the song tells the story of, and celebrates that story, of small town America, for the super fun music video, and because FGL brought in another of my very favorite performers ever to take the song to the next level.


“Just a Fool” – Christina Aguilera and Blake Shelton

A broken heart is like no other wound we can experience in life, I think, and this song perfectly captures what heartbreak feels like. And I am so in love with the way Christina and Blake sound together – pure magic.


“My Life Would Suck Without You” – Kelly Clarkson

The reality of life is that most of us are screwed up in one way or another and the trick to being happy is finding another person who is screwed up in a way that matches us. This song is the story of that love.


“Rise Up” – Andra Day

Oh this song touches all of my heart strings, reaches deep in my soul, and gives me all the feels. I love it so much – even if it was featured on a television miniseries that looked like a cross between After School Special and Lifetime movie.


“Just Give Me a Reason” – P!nk Featuring Nate Ruess

A master storyteller, P!nk’s songs never fail to make me smile or cry or pump my fist in solidarity but this song is a step above her usual greatness. I love that it tells the story of lovers in the midst of a bad period who want to give their love a second chance. I love the bittersweetness of the lyrics and the way that P!nk and Nate’s voices blend. Pure perfection.


“Stay With Me” – Sam Smith

Another song capturing the beautiful pain of love – of really giving your heart to someone else – and facing the consequences that come with that – like getting hurt. Their is a tragic beauty to the lyrics, coupled with the haunting sound of Sam Smith’s voice, that remind me of the best love stories – the kind that make your heart hurt and smile all at the same time.


“Break Up in a Small Town” – Sam Hunt

I could have added nearly any song by Sam Hunt and it would have told a great story but this one tells a story I think we all know and can identify with – either because we have lived it or from watching someone else go through it. I LOVE the way Sam talks/sings his way through the song because it gives it even more of a story vibe. HE is one of my all-time favorites for sure.


This is but a small sampling of some of my favorite songs that tell a story. In all honestly this list could have been so much longer and still not covered all of my favorites. LOL. I hope you enjoyed some of my choices, maybe even found some new songs to add t your own playlist, or were at least entertained for a few minutes watching the videos. Songs are such a PERFECT vehicle for telling a story and I love all the access we have these days to discovering new ones all the time.

What is your favorite song that tells a story?

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